More to that Cup of Tea than Meets the Eye

Goldstream News Gazette

Charla Huber, News staff

There’s more to that cup of tea than meets the eye. If the empty cup is turned three times clockwise, the reader will see into the future, but if it is turned counterclockwise they will see into the past – so says third-generation tea leaf reader Tanya Lester.

A one-day workshop Royal Roads University is offering lessons in the art of divining the future from reading tea leaves. Lester starts every workshop by offering her students a choice of green, black or herbal teas.

“Some readers swear by a specific type of tea, but not me,” Lester said. “They can drink whatever they want.” When the cups are empty Lester studies the mulch in the bottom and looks for symbols or pictures to emerge from the leaves.

“I look for pictures. They could be anything from animals, birds, people, cars or computers,” Lester said. “It could be anything connected to the person (I’m reading for).”

Using different types of teas can alter what the pictures look like, but Lester said it’s the symbol that matters.

“In green tea a bunny could be a well-rounded, fat bunny while in black tea it could be a stick bunny. The reading would be the same because it is a bunny,” Lester said.

Once Lester sees a picture in the leaves she uses her intuition and self-proclaimed psychic abilities to help her devise the mysterious leaves. “It’s magical the whole way it works,” Lester said. “I tap into their energy, often I think a person’s subconscious mind enters the tea.”

At the workshop Lester starts out teaching her aspiring readers to see pictures in the tea, then she coaches them on how to use their intuition to find the images’ meanings. “You need to take the risk and say what you see,” Lester said. “It might seem dumb or irrelevant, but you need to say it.”

For 12 years Lester has been reading peoples empty tea cups in Canada, the U.S. and in Europe.