Predictions of a Sunny Day

Sooke VOICE News
by Tanya Lester

Up for the day… a cup of coffee, swallowing a vitamin pill, stretching exercises, walking the dog, a soft boiled egg and toast: each of us do several things every morning to gear up for the day.

I pick or “pull” 4wandsa tarot card to provide some clues as to what my day is going to be like.

This morning, I shuffle my Ryder Waite deck of tarot cards, spread them out, and choose one.

I look at the card. The background is a sunny day yellow. In the foreground are four wooden poles standing upright and adorned with a garland of flowers. Two people joyously waving leafy bouquets are moving out of a castle towards the celebrant poles.

How do you think my day will go? You might want to make a few guesses! From looking at the card, I predict a warm, sunny day. Goods things will happen. I might celebrate and go out on a picnic with good friends. It is a day filled with fun.

Just pulling this card brightens my day.

Not all the cards represent such optimism. Another card shows an armoured man, wielding a sword on the back of a charging horse. Gray is the predominant colour including storm clouds and trees being battered by a gale. This card suggests stormy weather, anger and even downright hostility. If I picked this card today, I might find myself caught in extremely bad weather. Or I could lose my cool and vent my anger on someone else. Another possibility is someone attacks me. If I can, I might want to take a mental health day, put on my bedroom slippers, watch game shows and snack on popcorn all day. If I cannot avoid going out, I take caution with me.

Regardless of which card you pick, a tarot card a day will help you predict how your day will tend to go and how you can alter it.

Tanya Lester is a tarot card reader and tea leaf reader with 18 years experience doing thousands of readings and teaching workshops for people from all walks of life in North America and Europe. She does readings by donation and sells her book Confessions of a Tea Leaf Reader at the Summer Art Market (Sooke Region Museum) on Thursdays
5-8:30 pm to August 27.