Tea Leaf Readings

“So many of the things you told me are happening! So accurate it’s not even funny.
Best readings I have had in many, many years.”
— Juli M.

Tanya Giving a Tea Leaf ReadingHow Tea Leaf Reading Works:
Tanya asks you to choose the type of loose leaf tea that you would like to drink: black, herbal or green. Once you drink the cup of delicious tea, Tanya will have you turn your cup up side down onto the saucer, with your non- dominant hand because this is the hand that links with the intuitive part of your brain. She asks you to turn the cup around three times, representing your body, mind and spirit; on the saucer. Then she asks you to think about one thing in your life that you would like guidance on while putting your hand on the cup.

Meanwhile, Tanya meditates and then begins the reading with an image that she sees in the Third Eye part of her mind and deals with what you been thinking about while holding your hand on the bottom of the cup. Then, Tanya starts seeing pictures in the leaves of the cup that you just drank from. Each picture, opens up her intuition or psychic powers to tell you about something coming up in the future. She interprets the pictures that she sees into words which she tells you. This is the way you will find out what is coming up for you in the next year or so.

For Long Distance Readings:
Tanya will either call you long distance to do the reading with you over the telephone on a day and a time that you have arranged or she will email you with the results of the readings, whichever you prefer. Payment for the reading is made in advance by either depositing the money into Tanya’s account (she will give you her account number) at any Bank of Montreal branch in Canada, bank money transfer, PayPal or by mailing a cheque or money order to the address that Tanya will give you.

During her reading, she taps into your energy or aura, while viewing the leaves in the cup as a blueprint into the next months, or even years, of your life. It is a blueprint that she believes you can choose to alter through free will.

The Reader:
Tanya is a third generation tea leaf reader who has been actively practicing since 1996. She has read for the famous and infamous, including CBC radio host Bill Richardson (Richardson’s Round-Up) on air in 2001. Tanya is also a reiki master (hands-on and long distance energy healer), tarot card reader, Russian gypsy card reader, freelance writer and published author and art model. After 15 years on Salt Spring Island, she currently lives, travels and housesits in beautiful BC and elsewhere.

To Book a Reading:

Tanya offers three types of readings done in person or long distance. Payment can be made either by bank e-transfer, bank deposit, PayPal, cheque or money order.

Please contact her directly by email: tealeaf.56@gmail.com or text/call 250-538-0086. To book a session and to arrange for payment if getting a long distance reading.

60 Minute Session

30 Minute Session

Truly a way for people to receive powerful direction on life issues so they can make better decisions about their lives!

Tea Leaf Reading