Confessions of a Tea Leaf Reader

Tanya_Tea_Leaf_ReaderA light opened in Tanya Lester’s third eye when a friend talked about searching for a tea leaf reader to entertain her guests at a tea party. “You know, I think this is the time for me to learn how to tea leaf read,” Tanya said. She picked up an old book on tea leaf reading that she had bought years earlier in another Canadian city. Over the years, she had thought often about discarding it at one of her yard sales. It refused to leave her. Automatically, her arm always placed it back on her bookshelf.

Opening that book changed forever the direction in which her life was going. This book is the story of how a form of energy healing called Reiki and Tanya’s ancestral spirits-one of whom lived in the middle east during the twelfth century-helped her find her passion and bliss. It describes how she uses her intuition to interpret the pictures in the loose tea leaves of her clients’ cups to guide them into their futures. Stories of love, death, murder, violence, family, financial success and failure, sickness and health, travel, relationships, work, poverty and wealth, the famous and infamous, and pleasure and excruciating pain are told as Tanya remembers some of the numerous readings that she has given to people from all walks of life. It is a spirited book from a woman filled with spiritual guidance and blessed as a channel for Higher Power. She has written it as if engaged in conversation with you, the reader.

This book is a rare inside look into the life of a tea leaf reader, including information on how to do tea leaf readings. You will not want to put it down. Tanya Lester, BA, is a master tea leaf reader who has read thousands of tea cups and done hundreds of tea leaf reading workshops since 1996.

She has the heart and soul of a gypsy tea leaf reader. If you have somewhere, anywhere in the world, where you would like her to come and do readings, please contact her by email: or text/call 250-538-0086. Tanya Lester, BA, has published three other books: Dreams & Tricksters, Women Rights/Writes, and Friends I Never Knew. Her adult son, Luke, lives in Victoria, BC.

Book Testimonials:
Delightful Insight into the Life of a Psychic: Confessions of a Tea Leaf Reader is a delightful memoir written by psychic Tanya Lester. This book is written in an easy conversational style. The author takes us through her career from its first awakening to her exciting readings for stars and personalities as she achieved the pinnacle of her career. There are many interesting tales along the way, which the author shares with simplicity and clarity. The life of a psychic is interesting, and the author invites us to travel it with her. Ms. Lester doesn’t attempt to wrestle with debunkers; that is not the intent of this book. It is simply a very enjoyable glimpse into the life and times of a successful tea leaf reader.” — Dolly and me, June 30, 2012, ,
5 Stars

“I loved this book! Tanya Lester’s book kept me very entertained and I didn’t want to put the book down! I definately recommend it!” — Suzee Published on , Jan. 3 201, 5 Stars

“A Genial Companion: Amazon readers don’t have to be reminded of how books can augment experience. Tanya Lester’s Confessions of a Tea Leaf Reader is a genial companion book for those who want to deepen their experience with the intuitive side of life, specifically that of having their fortunes read in teacups. I have enjoyed that mostly helpful and usually pleasant experience in both Europe and North America. I found Confessions to be a revealing book that explained to me in most friendly terms some of the questions I had been wondering about. Does the type of tea matter (it does not). Are the cups themselves important (they are). Plus this book had a chapter about the rich and famous, which makes for interesting reading in our time of high celebrity worship. A recommended read for popularizing what many might have thought was a very esoteric topic that also references other works on the subject.” — R. Romanowski, Oct. 17 2010, 5 stars

Insiders’ Peek: Confessions of a Tea Leaf Reader offers an intimate, and often very funny look at the mind, intuitive processes and daily life of tea leaf reader Tanya Lester. Very interesting and insightful!” — Jane, Aug. 4 2010, 5 stars

“Fun to Read: A beautiful and colorful witness to Tanya’s life as a tea leaf reader. It was a “fun” read.” — Pearl, Aug. 3 2010,, 5 stars

“While providing an entertaining and enlightening read (plus a peek at readings Lester has done for celebrities such as Goldie Hawn and the CBC’s Bill Richardson), the book also guides you in listening to your own intuition so you can tap into a richer understanding of both yourself and the people who surround you.” — Alex Val Tol’s review excerpt from her June 14, 2011 blog entry at

“Reading Tanya Lester’s ‘Confessions’ is like having a cozy chat with a fascinating friend…She has read thousands of tea cups for a great variety of people, from Goldie Hawn to the driver of a car she collided with in a parking lot. Her confessions tell some of these stories as well as a few secrets of her own…” — Mary Horodyski, excerpt from The Aquarian review, Winter 2011

“I have finished your book and give it two thumbs up. Entertaining and I enjoyed the stories about your clients and places you have been.” — Rob Farley, Facebook friend

“If you’ve ever wondered how a tiny pile of wet sticks and leaves can portend the future, Tanya Lester’s new book Confessions of a Tea Leaf Reader will give you a glimpse into that mysterious world…People of every stripe have hoped to find clarity in the cup, and Lester has seen them all in the past 15 years. Her personal observations on tea leaf reading in particular and human kind in general make an interesting read, even if you don’t particularly lean towards the mystical.” — Elizabeth Nolan, reporter for The Gulf Islands Driftwood

“…. The structure of the book works really well. Rather than describe her experiences in chronological order, Lester has divided her book into chapters that describe subjects such as ‘Star Crossed Lovers’, ‘Reading for the Rich and Famous’ and ‘Partying’…A book that intrigues one to go further is really the best book of all. Lester encourages readers to use their own intuition.” — Mary Ann Moore, excerpt from Story Circle Books review

“…really soaking it in. You (Tanya Lester) have a very natural way of writing, expressing yourself, I can hear your voice and see you smile– in addition to that, great attention to detail with the format, grammar and spelling– I’m still reading, and still enjoying.” — Lynn Thompson, ‘Living on Purpose’ radio show host and producer

“I finished your book last week and it answered so many questions I had about tea leaf reading and you personally. I really enjoyed the full spectrum that you covered. Thanks for writing it.” — Dawn McKay, former tea leaf reading workshop student and client

Confessions of a Tea Leaf Reader by Tanya Lester is available in several Canadian libraries. If you would like it to be available at your library ask your librarian to contact Tanya by email: or text/call 250-538-0086.

You can read the first few pages and purchase a copy by going to Confessions of a Tea Leaf Reader by Tanya Lester at

You can also purchase a copy of Confessions of a Tea Leaf Reader from Tanya when you meet her in person for $25.00 per copy or you can go to Confessions of a Tea Leaf Reader by Tanya Lester at