Tarot and Russian Gypsy Cards

“All of my readings with Tanya have been long distance and I am always left in awe of her gift…
she has helped me through a few rough/uncertain patches…
Her ability to communicate with spirit is a gift she shares with all…
it is nice to get a preview of the upcoming year or readings on specific topics.”
— Arlene

Tarot Card Reading
Tanya starts a tarot reading by giving you a choice as to which tarot deck you would prefer to use: Ryder-Waite, Tarot of the Moon Garden, Transformational Tarot, Osho Zen, Mythic Tarot, or a small deck simply named Tarot.

She then asks you to shuffle the deck you have chosen while thinking/meditating about a particular issue for which you are seeking guidance. (If you want to explore more than one issue then Tanya might opt you do several shorter tarot spreads with you.) Or, you can choose to be open to whatever messages the Universe would like to provide you with concerning your future and meditate on this while shuffling the cards.

Tanya will then have you fan the cards out and select 10 cards to do a Celtic Cross spread. Or you might opt for finding out about what will be of importance for each month of the next year by selecting 13 cards for her to read. She often uses a 3 card spread as well and occasionally a 7 card spread. The cards have four suits: cups, wands, swords and pentacles which Tanya compares to the astrological elements of water, fire, air and earth.

As in her tea leaf readings, Tanya’s intuition which includes channeling and sometimes acting as a medium is an important part of her tarot reading. Her readings are done in person or long distance via telephone or email by email: tealeaf.56@gmail.com or text/call 250-538-0086. (see arranging a long distance reading on the tea leaf reading page).

Russian Gypsy Card Reading

Usually done only in person, Russian Gypsy Card reading is a unique experience for many people already familiar with tarot or tea leaf reading but even if you have not had one of these other readings, you will enjoy this one.It uses cards with partial Russian-style folklore pictures on them.

Tanya has you think about the issue or issues for which you seek guidance or you can also opt to be open to receive whatever the Universe believes you should know about your future while you shuffle cards.

You then place them all on the table. Both Tanya and you then find the partial pictures next to one another that match to make one whole picture. An average number of matched pictures can total about five. Tanya then uses her intuition or psychic abilities to interpret the pictures for you pertaining to your future.

If you would like to do something a little out of the ordinary when getting a reading, then the Russian Gypsy Card Reading is for you.

Book a Reading:

Tanya offers three types of readings done in person or long distance. Payment can be made either by bank e-transfer, bank deposit, PayPal, cheque or money order.

Please contact her directly by email by email: tealeaf.56@gmail.com or text/call 250-538-0086. To book a session and to arrange for payment if getting a long distance reading.

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