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“Tanya is an insightful and perceptive tea leaf reader and clairvoyant who can tap
into information no one could possibly know about you. It is uncanny.” — Ella Topaz

Tanya at Table Tanya offers five types of readings done in person or long distance. Payment can be made either by bank e-transfer, bank deposit, PayPal, cheque or money order.

If you want a long distance reading, please contact her directly by email at or call 250-538-0086 to book a session and to arrange for payment if getting a long distance reading.

Tea Leaf Reading, Tarot, Psychic Channelings, Psychic Mediumship, Russian Gypsy Card:

60 Minute Session

30 Minute Session

Tanya uses her psychic/intuitive abilities in all of her readings.

In tea leaf reading, Tanya sees pictures in the clumps of the loose leaf tea after the liquid is drunk by you or herself (in long distance reading). This opens up her intuition in order for her to tell you what is coming up in your future.

Tarot is using one of six tarot decks in a card spread to help intuit what is coming up in your future.

In psychic channeling, Tanya works with her spirit guides and your spirit guides to tell you about the future.

Psychic mediumship is Tanya working with her spirit guides to contact the spirit of someone you used to know who lived in body on earth.

Russian Gypsy Card readings is Tanya and you matching some of the cards into pictures. Then Tanya psychically interprets the pictures to give you information about aspects of your future.

*** Tanya is in Nanaimo, BC doing readings on Mon, July 11 and Tues, July 12 at Lobelia’s Lair, #8 – 321 Wesley St. @ $50 for half hr, $95 for an hr. To book a time call 250-753-5440 or 250-538-0086 or ***

**** Also, on other days, you can get in-person readings in Nanaimo or long distance readings anywhere else in the world from Tanya at $50 a half hr or $85 an hr. by emailing or call 250-538-0086 ****

### You can arrange a long distance reading with Tanya via Skype, email or phone wherever you are in the world. Email: or ph.250-538-0086 ###

&&& Gift certificates for tea leaf readings or tarot are always available to purchase and can be mailed to you. &&&

!!! Tanya’s book, Confessions of a Tea Leaf Reader, is also available to purchase for $25 wherever she does readings !!!

Please do not leave messages on this page or website if you would like a reading. Instead, email Tanya at or call her at 250-538-0086 with your request for a reading or information about it. Please include your phone number in your email or message OR leave your email address and phone number in your phone message to Tanya.

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