“Tanya is exceptional in her ability to read and intuitively guide her clients.
I have worked with her for years, and recommend her highly.” — Melanie


Tanya with a family during her tea leave reading workshop


The Ancient Art of Tea Leaf Reading — 5 Hour Workshop

In this workshop, Tanya begins by offering a delicious cup of  loose leaf black, green or herbal tea to each participant. After the tea is drunk, Tanya coaches participants to see pictures in the leaves in each cup and to intuitively interpret them. By the end of the five hour workshop, participants will know how to start, continue and finish a reading using several different options. Tanya also shares the history of tea leaf reading, how to communicate what you see in the cup, do’s & don’ts when doing a reading, what tea to use & where to buy it, and many stories to illustrate how to deal with situations that arise when doing tea leaf reading as well as encouraging participants to mention their experiences related to tea leaf reading. Includes handouts. She will suggest ways to improve your tea leaf reading experience for yourself and those for whom you do readings.
Fee: $100 per participant

Tarot Reading: In the Beginning — 5 Hour Workshop

Included in the workshop is Tanya’s explanation of the four suits in the Minor Arcana cards of the tarot deck and how they relate to astrology’s fire, water, air and earth signs as well as the Major Arcana cards. Participants will learn the basics of  one, three, seven and ten card spreads. There will be a handout with detailed meanings of each card. Tanya will also give you tips about how to work with the cards to improve your skills, traditional practises associated with owning tarot cards and how to use your intuition to enhance your own experience and those for which you will read. Also, she will suggest ways to improve the tarot experience for yourself and those for whom you read.
Fee: $100 per participant

To learn more about Tanya’s workshops, please contact her by email:
or text/call 250-538-0086.

Tanya Lester, BA and master tea leaf reader has done hundreds of workshops in locations that have included VIU Nanaimo; The Empress Hotel Victoria; Opal Moon Glasgow; Parks & Rec Whitehorse; and in Boulder Colorado. For more on Tanyas’ background visit and her blog and Email: